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David Knott

“I have been coming here as long as I can remember. As the years went on, we noticed that the acid reflux problem I had was eroding my teeth. My teeth were thin, sharp in places, and had almost no enamel left on some of them. I was sensitive to hot and cold and pressure. When there is no enamel on your teeth, it doesn’t feel good! Every visit, they told me I would have to have something done or I would lose my teeth and, I’ll tell you, when you see your teeth going away, it weighs heavy on you. You wonder if you are going to have to have them all pulled. Finally, I was convinced to have my mouth completely restored. We started by getting my bite right, and then went on to repair and restore my teeth. The entire process took about a year, but I can’t say I regret a moment, and nothing was painful. It was worth the sacrifice of other things that are less important. If you needed a new car, you would get it wouldn’t you? I realize your teeth don’t get you back and forth to work, but they are certainly valuable! In fact, I told my wife that if I die before she does, she should bury me with my smile facing up! The people here have made me feel like part of the family. They have all been so supportive and understanding and really made me feel like I made the right decision. It doesn’t hurt either that I am their favorite patient… at least that’s what they tell me. Sure, they could say that to anyone, but I believe them!”