The Angelopulos Dental Fire Truck

Harrisonburg Dentist

Dr. Angelopulos (Dr. Ange) has always enjoyed doing things a little different than the norm, with more fun and smiles. While recovering from a recent injury, he encountered a firetruck for sale in a small coal town in Pennsylvania. The firetruck was being decommissioned and therefore, had limited options for its next step in life. It was then that the Angelopulos Dental community outreach vehicle was born.

He had been fostering a plan for a while to create a stir and do good in his community, while also promoting the importance of oral and overall health. The firetruck was the final piece of Dr. Ange’s puzzle. With a custom branded vinyl wrap and some amazing electronic upgrades, the Angelopulos Dental community outreach vehicle is ready to make the people in the community smile.

So, Dr. Ange and his team invite everyone to keep an eye out for the firetruck in the community. As Dr. Ange is fond of saying, “My team and I look forward to continuing to develop and strengthen our friendships with you and with each new generation.  So sit back, relax, share a laugh and a smile, and let us take care of you. Life is too short and moves too fast, let us enjoy it together during the (firetruck) ride.”

Please click here to read Dr. Ange’s heartfelt letter to his patients, which includes more info about our firetruck.

Meet Our Community Outreach Vehicle